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Miami Hotels is the page to visit and check it out the last interesting news about Hotels in Miami. Every season Hotels in Miami are visited from every type of person coming from everywhere in the world. No matter where you are coming from but also this year you will be in Miami. Hotels in Miami are great and offer a vary type of swimming pools, restaurants with the most accredited chefs, parties, and amazing relaxing time in the swimming pool or yakuzi in front of the ocean and the beach of Souh Beach. Enjoy your hotels in Miami

  • If you stay at the Fontainebleau this weekend, you may end up in Eva Longoria’s new TV show. 22 marzo 2018
    If you visit the Fontainebleau Miami Beach Hotel in this weekend, you may notice a lot more activity in the lobby than usual. And it has nothing to do with Spring Break. The iconic property has been turned into the set for an upcoming ABC telenovela style pilot called “Grand Hotel.” The show, based on … Continue reading "If you stay at the Fontainebleau […]
  • Cuban Coffee 101: Everything to know about ordering coffee in Miami 22 marzo 2018
    Miami runs on coffee — but don’t come here looking for that tall, non-fat latte with a caramel drizzle. Cuban coffee is the center of our universe. Don’t call it an espresso, either. Whipping spoonfuls of sugar into those first few of drops of freshly brewed café forms the syrupy goodness that makes café cubano the original … Continue reading "Cuban Cof […]
  • Looking to propose? Win this contest and you can propose in the Most Miami Way Ever. 22 marzo 2018
    Have you and your beloved got a great meet-cute story? The InterContinental Miami has launched a contest that offers you a chance to propose in a really big way. We mean REALLY big. By sharing a story on “How I Met My Other Half” on the hotel’s Facebook page,  two couples can win a chance at proposing … Continue reading "Looking to propose? Win this con […]
  • Michelle Obama had a girls’ night out in Miami. She hit one of the hottest spots, obviously. 22 marzo 2018
    We had political royalty in Miami Tuesday night. Former First Lady Michelle Obama  had a ladies night out at Seaspice. Executive chef Angel Leon was tasked with preparing a curated six course menu featuring the highlights of the riverside restaurant’s special menu. Other guests at the meal included Debra Lee, CEO of BET Networks; former … Continue reading […]
  • 6 atracciones de la “Feria de la Juventud” que no te puedes perder 22 marzo 2018
    Es cierto, la mayoría de chicos llegan a la Miami-Dade County Youth Fair & Exposition, conocida popularmente como la “Feria y Exposición de la Juventud” seducidos por la adrenalina de sus más de 100 juegos mecánicos y el gusto de saborear algo de lo que venden en sus 175 quioscos de comida. Pero -¡ojo!- A … Continue reading "6 atracciones de la “Fer […]
  • Traffic is going to be a mess this weekend in Miami. Here’s how to avoid the worst (or work around it) 22 marzo 2018
    This weekend is a good time to stay in Broward. Or even Kendall. Because traffic is going to be a mess in some parts of Miami. But if you can’t avoid the hot spots – or don’t want to, because who doesn’t want to hang out with several million new and drunk best friends? – … Continue reading "Traffic is going to be a mess this weekend in Miami. Here’s how […]
  • After apologies and fines, Mokai owner buys horse that was brought into his South Beach club 21 marzo 2018
    It’s hard to forget about that poor horse that was unwillingly brought into a crowded South Beach nightclub.  With a thong-clad woman astride, the horse was spooked by the noise and lights and the subsequent freak out was caught on a video that circulated widely throughout the internet. Needless to say, everyone who saw it was … Continue reading "After […]
  • The gourmet doughnuts that started a Wynwood craze are coming to South Miami 21 marzo 2018
    The gourmet doughnut shop that started a craze in Wynwood is coming to South Miami. The Salty Donut will open a second location in the fall at 6022 South Dixie Highway, one of the owners said. The shop is bringing its brand of unique flavors and over-the-top creations to a new development replacing the former … Continue reading "The gourmet doughnuts th […]
  • La hija de este cantante famoso se mudó de Miami. ¿Está arrepentida? 21 marzo 2018
    La hija de Ricardo Arjona, Adria, tiene solo grandes recuerdos de Miami: “Es una ciudad cálida en donde pasé gran parte de mi vida, pero tuve que marcharme”, dice con un toque de nostalgia, a la vez que aclara: “Siempre que regreso, me vienen a la mente sólo lindos recuerdos”. Entre esos recuerdos está su … Continue reading "La hija de este cantante fam […]
  • Fast-casual Sergio’s restaurant is opening with free Cuban food and cafecito 21 marzo 2018
    With eight locations, countless croquetas and  shots of Cuban coffee and more than 43 years of history in South Florida, Sergio’s is expanding. And that means you get free food and cafecito. Sergio’s Family Restaurants recently struck a deal to develop 25 new fast-casual restaurants called Sergio’s Cuban Cafe & Grill.  The first restaurant celebrates its […]

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