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Miami Hotels is the page to visit and check it out the last interesting news about Hotels in Miami. Every season Hotels in Miami are visited from every type of person coming from everywhere in the world. No matter where you are coming from but also this year you will be in Miami. Hotels in Miami are great and offer a vary type of swimming pools, restaurants with the most accredited chefs, parties, and amazing relaxing time in the swimming pool or yakuzi in front of the ocean and the beach of Souh Beach. Enjoy your hotels in Miami

  • The Brazilians are coming! And this new Sunset Harbour restaurant is the latest 20 ottobre 2017
    South Beach is having a bit of a Brazilian moment with Ofa, the latest addition of a São Paulo-inspired spot that emphasizes seafood over traditional steakhouse staples. The name of the restaurant — opened by Brazilian hospitality and marketing pros Felipe Ortiz, Carmen Rodriguez and Lucas Scudeler — is a play on Farofa, the Brazilian … Continue reading
  • They used to brew beer at home — until this South Florida brewery let them brew like pros  20 ottobre 2017
    Seems like all the hard work of home brewing has paid off for eight lucky brewers. After perfecting their beer in their kitchens and garages, with just the right amount of malt and hops, they’re ready to brew with the big boys as part of Hollywood Brewing’s BrewMaster Brew-a-thon. Six teams of home brewers won … Continue reading "They used to brew beer […]
  • He introduced The Beatles to South Florida air waves. Now he gets a tribute fit for a radio legend. 20 ottobre 2017
    Who didn’t love DJ Rick Shaw? For more than 50 years, the late music man’s distinctively warm and enthusiastic voice echoed through the airwaves in South Florida where he spent much of his career spinning golden oldies rock ’n’ roll through his retirement in 2006. Of course, when Shaw first started playing the songs, those … Continue reading "He introdu […]
  • This weekend we can witness the brightest meteor shower ever. Here’s how to see it from Miami. 20 ottobre 2017
    This year we have been blessed with multiple cosmic spectacles. We had the solar eclipse in August. Uranus was visible in the night sky last night. And this weekend we get to watch a meteor shower made up of some debris from Halley’s Comet. This is an annual phenomenon, the Orionid meteor shower is visible … Continue reading "This weekend we can witness […]
  • Did you miss Barbra Streisand’s Miami concert last year? Now you can see the whole thing on Netflix. 20 ottobre 2017
    When Barbra Streisand performed to a sold-out Miami audience in December 2016 she quipped, “The last time I played Miami I was the opening act for Sergio Franchi” at the Eden Roc on Miami Beach in March 1963. Back then, “a tweet was what a bird did and the only people who had cell numbers … Continue reading "Did you miss Barbra Streisand’s Miami concert […]
  • What should you be for Halloween? These Miami costume stores will tell you. 20 ottobre 2017
    Want to know the most googled costumes in the state of Florida for Halloween 2017? DRUM ROLL PLEASE……… Wonder Woman wins, followed by Harley Quinn, Moana, Clown and Unicorn. Read More: Your best bets for Halloween parties in Miami You could do something topical and Miami-centric this year (check out our list of great Miami costumes … Continue reading "W […]
  • He can’t sleep until Knaus Berry Farms reopens. That day is right around the corner. 20 ottobre 2017
    Every year around this time Thomas Blocher has the same nightmare: No cinnamon rolls on opening day at the Knaus Berry Farm. “That’s a recurring dream that I have,” he said. “It’s the same thing; people are waiting in line and I forgot to order enough flour or the machine wasn’t working. I’m always anticipating … Continue reading "He can’t sleep until K […]
  • This political front runner’s career was destroyed in Miami. Now there’s a movie about him 19 ottobre 2017
    Interesting casting: Hugh Jackman as Gary Hart. Interesting timing, in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal. Pictures on the Daily Mail show the Aussie actor in character shooting “The Front Runner” in Atlanta. The movie, directed by Jason Reitman, follows the dramatic rise and fall of the political front runner who was taken down in (naturally) … Contin […]
  • Three celebrity chefs are taking over this popular morning show — in Spanish 19 ottobre 2017
    “Despierta America” has got something cooking. A new hour-long cooking segment. “Cocineros Latinos” (Latino Cooks), featuring three celebrity chefs, will air Fridays at 10 a.m. and premiere Friday. Watch “Cocineros Latinos” and learn. The trio will be sharing some of their most top notch yet easy-to-make recipes. The focus will be on Latin America and Spain’ […]
  • The Miami River District just got hotter with the opening of The Wharf 19 ottobre 2017
    New event space on the block! We’re talking about The Wharf, located in the up and coming, oh so cool Miami River District. The pop-up spot, which sits on a bend in the Miami River, just a few blocks from downtown, is the brainchild of developers Alex Mantecon, Guillermo Vadell, and hospitality guru Emilio “Emi” Guerra. “This is … Continue reading "The […]

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