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Miami Hotels is the page to visit and check it out the last interesting news about Hotels in Miami. Every season Hotels in Miami are visited from every type of person coming from everywhere in the world. No matter where you are coming from but also this year you will be in Miami. Hotels in Miami are great and offer a vary type of swimming pools, restaurants with the most accredited chefs, parties, and amazing relaxing time in the swimming pool or yakuzi in front of the ocean and the beach of Souh Beach. Enjoy your hotels in Miami

  • Christina Milian spotted in Miami Beach with mystery man 21 agosto 2017
    Who’s that guy?  Christina Milian was shaking what her mama gave her on Miami Beach other day. And she wasn’t alone. Match Made in Miami by @fashionnova #neverendingsummer A post shared by Christina Milian (@christinamilian) on Aug 18, 2017 at 1:52pm PDT Working a white bathing suit, large hoop earrings and animal print coverup, Lil … Continue reading " […]
  • Welcome to Miami Traffic Week: Because Miami traffic is the worst, and there’s nothing we can do about it (but complain) 21 agosto 2017
    Welcome to Miami Traffic Week! Yes, we know what you’re thinking: “That’s not a thing!” We made this up, obviously. We even have a hashtag (#MiamiTrafficWeek). Basically, is going to take the next five days and post stories about how much traffic annoys us. We are going to make fun of bad drivers. We … Continue reading "Welcome to Miami Traffi […]
  • 9 Worst Traffic Nightmares of Miami 21 agosto 2017
    Driving in Miami is a torment. Even traffic apps secretly hate it  (I’m pretty sure I heard Waze tell me to f**k off when I tried to get to work yesterday). If you live here, you’re used to it. If you don’t…good luck. Here are the worst traffic nightmares of Miami 1. Whenever school is … Continue reading "9 Worst Traffic Nightmares of Miami"
  • 8 worst drivers you find on Miami streets 21 agosto 2017
    Miami traffic is the worst, obviously. (Well, the seventh worst according to science.) But who are these people driving the streets of Miami that make it so unpleasant for all of us angels who drive with our hands at 10 and 2? If you are looking for a xenophobic rant or cries to revoke the … Continue reading "8 worst drivers you find on Miami streets […]
  • Reality TV star Cardi B drops the Spanish version of her summer trap anthem 18 agosto 2017
    This summer’s female rap anthem is extending its reach. Cardi B’s breakthrough hit “Bodak Yellow” catapulted the former stripper and reality television star into a contender for one of hip-hop’s brightest woman rappers. The song has been steadily inching up the Billboard Hot 100 Chart and recently hit a new peak in the list’s Top … Continue reading "Rea […]
  • Is there a deeper meaning to the solar eclipse? Astrologer Walter Mercado offers his interpretation 18 agosto 2017
    Since February 1979 a celestial phenomenon of such magnitude had not been witnessed. Monday’s total eclipse of the sun will be seen in all its magnificence beginning in Oregon (around Salem) and across Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina and ending in South Carolina. This eclipse crosses the United States; that’s […]
  • This is America’s first solar eclipse in 99 years. Here are 16 ways to watch it in South Florida 18 agosto 2017
    Isn’t it a joy when the stuff in schoolbooks makes an appearance in real life? I, for one, have never had to use the formula for finding the area of an octagon outside of the classroom, but that astronomy stuff is pretty cool. Cool like the moon will completely block the sun, making stars visible … Continue reading "This is America’s first solar eclipse […]
  • Is this new startup the Uber of air travel? 18 agosto 2017
    Blackbird Air, a San Francisco tech startup, is on a mission to make regional air travel affordable, convenient and, most importantly, on-demand with a swipe of their proprietary app. And they’ve just launched in South Florida with Naples as the hub flying to and from Miami and Key West. One-way flights start at $199. (Note: … Continue reading "Is this […]
  • Famous people want us to drink their wines. But I dunno – should we? 18 agosto 2017
    Once they’re famous, people love to make wine. Or at least be associated with making wine by purchasing a vineyard or two. I totally get where they are coming from, although on my budget I can barely afford the organic grapes at Whole Foods, so there are no such purchases in my future. But can … Continue reading "Famous people want us to drink their win […]
  • Rick Ross: My new reality show ‘Signed’ is dope 17 agosto 2017
    Rick Ross knows his craft. And he wants to teach other aspiring stars in his VH1 reality show, Signed.  The Maybach Music Group CEO is playing mentor on the Wednesday night series that costars The-Dream (Radio Killa Records) and Roc Nation A&R senior VP Lenny S.  Ross is unfortunately not seeking talent in his hometown of Miami, but … Continue reading […]

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