Vivere, lavorare e studiare inglese a Miami

Working and Studying in Miami, FL. What’s happening in South Beach, Brickell, Coconut Grove, and much more

Working and Studying in Miami, FL. What’s happening in South Beach, Brickell, Coconut Grove, and much more

Working and studying in Miami, FL means get involved in a new world. There are many universities you can choose and so many new cultures to discover. University of Miami, Florida International, University of Florida, and many others are considered International Universities because there are students coming from everywhere in the world.
Working opportunities in Miami are spread out all over the county of Miami-Dade and beyond. Definitely Miami Beach offers a wide range of entry positions concentrated in the hospitality industry. Restaurants, hotel, and clubs are on every corner in South Beach and there are many openings between December and June (high season).
Brickell and Down Town are neighborhoods where many international offices and banks are concentrated, and are the financial district of the city. Most people today decide to rent their apartments to be able to walk to the workplace and spend their spare time eating and drinking in the same neighborhood without the need of the car. Coconut Grove has a few buildings with law offices and businesses related to music, art, and hospitality. Kendall is popular for being a family-oriented neighborhood with the presence of many national and international car dealers, local shops, and import & export businesses. Doral sees every year new entrepreneurs invest and the area has been flourishing with new buildings, shops, offices, and markets. North Miami Beach has a growing number of residents and consequently local businesses and entrepreneurs. Mid-Town literally has become the new Miami where people looks for apartments, jobs, shopping, and eating. Winwood core business is still fashion and art and there is the biggest intention to make it even bigger and more popular with the locals.

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